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IslaTango is the premiere source of Argentine Tango in Hawaii. Offering lessons from internationally recognized tango maestro George Garcia. IslaTango was founded in 1997 and Honolulu now has a solid tango community in the middle of the Pacific. George co-stars with Christy Coté in Dance Vision USA's highly acclaimed 24 DVD Argentine Tango Instructional Series - they are both DVIDA National Examiners. George has taught and performed at numerous tango festivals and events in the USA and abroad.

    • Tango for Absolute Beginners: A four-week series that starts on the first Wednesday of each month. "If you can walk... you can learn to tango" with expert instruction from maestro George Garcia. Class meets on the first four Wednesdays of the month at 7:30-8:30pm with a 2-hour practice session included. See "Lessons" page for details.
    • Would you like to take your tango to a higher level? George offers private coaching that gives immediate and long term results for both leader or follower. Learn out how to create that 'Lush Connection' that partners find irresistible.
    • Visiting tango instructors - Past workshops with guest instructors throughout the years include Carlos Gavito y Marcela Duran, Hugo y Miriam, Jorge Torres, Graciela Gonzalez, Fabian Salas, Cecilia Gonzales, Christy Coté, Chelsea Eng, Evan Wallace y Michelle Badion, Felix Chavez, Alberto y Valorie, Daniel Trenner, Rebecca Shulman, Brigitte Winkler, Jean-Sebastien Rampazzi, Florencia Tacchetti, Jorge Nel Giraldo y Milena, Gloria and Claudio Otero, Felix Chavez, Emil Sansour y Nazan, Miguel Angel Pla, Julian Miller Ramil y Claudia Lissette, Susana Miller, Cacho Dante, Murat Erdemsel, Michelle Lamb, Marcelo Solis y Yanina Messina, Carlos Stasi and Susana Guevara, Julio Marino, Mirabai Deranja, Akiyoshi y Noriko Tanada, Mariana Ancarola, David Orly-Thompson, Facundo Posadas, Gustavo Benzecry-Saba & Maria Olivera, Fernanda & Guillermo, Irina Rees, Yulia Maluta, Hernan & Marina, and more to come...
Upcoming Events
Argentine Tango Summer Boot Camp in Honolulu
with George & Yulia

I am happy to announce the addition of Yulia Maluta (Santa Barbara) for the second weekend of IslaTango Bootcamp. Her energy and enthusiasm is always fun and playful, she really cares about bringing enjoyment into all of her classes.

This Intermediate/Adv level tango immersion focuses on preparing any tango dancer for the salons of Buenos Aires or any milonga or tango event in the world. Each workshop explains and teaches how to accomplish proven sequences and movements in the music with effectiveness and style. George and Yulia generously share their extensive experience to bring every student to a new level of skill.

Int/Advanced Close-Embrace Tango Bootcamp July 29, 30, 31

Fri 7:00-10:00pm - The Flowing Close Embrace, Walks and Cortados
Sat 3:00-8:00pm - Giros/Turns, Paradas and Embellishments. Navigation
Sun 3:00-8:00pm: “What’s Hot in BsAs” plus classic sequences and musicality

$125/person - $220 per couple
Classes are at Honolulu Club, 932 Ward Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96814

You can register with me by e-mail: islatango@hotmail.com or call/text me at 808-721-2123 - I’ll add your name to the roster and send a confirmation. Payment can be made at the Honolulu Club upon your arrival to the workshops.

See you on the dance floor…


How We Teach...
Maestro George Garcia teaches solid fundamentals for the leader and follower by establishing a tango vocabulary for the student that combines the basic elements of the dance with a strong musical connection with the partner.

 It is widely accepted all over the world that Argentine Tango to have several styles: Tango Salon (open-embrace), Milonguero-Close-Embrace: the prefered style of the dance halls in Buenos Aires and worldwide, and tango for perfoming on stage.

However, in my own observations, it is becoming more and more popular to perform tango in the style of the salon, bringing a realistic essence of tango to the majority of aficionado in the world.

Kudos to all tango professionals for sharing the reality of tango.

"...If you can walk, you can learn to tango"

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Dance Camp Las Vegas 2016
George Garcia & Christy Coté teach in the After Hours Program
Three nights of tango in Las Vegas!
Link to Dance Vision USA

Save the dates...
Las Vegas Red Carpet Tango Festival October 13, 14, 15 & 16 - 2016
at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
George & Christy are featured instructors at Hugo LaTorre and Silvia Fonseca's annual tango festival in Las Vegas.

Red Carpet Tango Festival is an Argentine Tango exclusive event in which we will exhibit and express the most unaltered and purest form of Argentine Tango.
This is a unique Festival and offers you a first class setting in which you are our special guest. We are rolling out the RED CARPET to welcome you and from the moment you arrive you will enjoy a memorable and unforgettable experience.
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A tango article - "Do's and Don'ts of Inviting and Accepting" by Ney Melo

What is the proper tango etiquette of asking someone to dance? Is there a method? Click here for a great article by Ney: |more|

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